Thank you for visiting our site, we hope that you will find your visit as an inspiration to get involved in your community and change the lives of youth.

Our MOTTO is to PUT THE U BACK INTO LIFE  has been the drive of our organization, because so many people have neglected to take care of themselves. It is our goal to be that instrument that pushes a person to their fullest potential.


Our MISSION is to provide programs and services to the citizens throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area that will enhance their lives and produce positive role models.

Our VISION is to provide character education and prevention programs to youth. The vision is to provide low-income housing to families and seniors, offer rehabilitation services to substance abusers, independent living for ex-substance abusers. Develop a family life community center that offers mentoring, GED and college preparation, tutoring, career development, life-skills, and entrepreneurship training. Provide an emergency shelter for neglected, abandoned, and abused children, and open a childcare center, and mentoring for children of prisoners.
  • @sterlin.out
  • Founders of the RubyGirl & It's-N-The Male program. Mr & Mrs Day
    Founders of the RubyGirl & It's-N-The Male program. Mr & Mrs Day
  • RubyGirls Rock!!
    RubyGirls Rock!!
  • Competition! Retreat 2015
    Competition! Retreat 2015

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